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Feature List:

  • Calendar hosting service
  • Conference room / resource scheduler setup
  • Merge up to 30 calendars into a single group calendar
  • Merge ‘group-wide’ event calendar into unlimited number of individual calendars
  • Optional conflicting event alert
  • Optional Contact List component
  • Optional To Do List component
  • Site licenses available
  • Customizable Email Notifications
  • ASP Thumbnail Component (Windows Only)
  • Template based display
  • Repeating events with exceptions (for example every Friday except June 1)
  • Extensive export / import to / from ASCII
  • No limit on the number of calendars on a single server
  • No limit on the number of events per calendar
  • Customizable visual display
  • Customizable events – user definable event fields
  • Customizable header and footer text (with registration license)
  • No client side software needed except for end user web browsers
  • Extensive 250 page help file
  • Flexible hierarchical permission system – remote login possible
  • Sixteen different view types
  • Pending events – optionally require administrative acceptance of posted events
  • Submission tracking / curse word / hate word filters
  • Color by category – New York is green, LA is blue for example
  • Installation wizard
  • Platforms support for all versions of Windows and Linux
  • Supported web browsers (latest versions): Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera