Consulting Services

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Consulting Services

Our software is highly customizable however in some cases our clients require a certain feature that does not exist. In many cases we can accomplish the reqest by editing a simple configuration file. If this is possible the request is handled under our normal technical support (usually at no charge).

In the case where a feature cannot be accomplished using simple configuration files we offer consulting services. We have done so many times in the past.

Non-negotiable requirements for all consulting projects

Providing custom solutions requires us to modify our source code base. Unlike basic configuration changes a custom solution requires a lot more work. In order to maintain the high quality of our software we impose certain restrictions on every consulting projects we accept:

    • The feature we agree to add must be significant enough to justify creating a new version of the software.
    • The feature will be fully documented, requiring a regeneration of all help files and associated documenation.
    • The feature will be fully tested, requiring a full run of all testing regimes.
    • The feature will require a full regeneration of all installation files and a republishment of all such files to our website.
    • The feature will be noted on our website (at our discretion).
    • The feature will be become part of our commercially available software product. The feature will be made available to all current and future users, including all hosting clients (again at our discretion).
    • The site license is an optional license allowing you to deliver an unlimited number of individual calendar to your website visitors. The site license is an add-on to the calendar hosting service. This license is not available for the download version.

Minimum Charges

The above requirements are necessary to maintain the high quality of our software. Due to the amount of time involved in meeting these requirements there is a minimum cost applied to all accepted customization projects. This minumum cost is $5,000.00. This fee does not include any programming time required to complete the actual customization. This minumum fee is paid prior to the start of the project and is non-refundable.

    Programming charges

    Once the project is accepted we begin programming. We keep acurate track of our hours, providing you a time sheet if you wish. Note that no programming charges will be applied for the documentation, testing or installation building parts of the work we will complete.

    Before we start the project we will put together a thorough quote of our expected charges. This quote is a ‘ball-park’ figure only as we cannot possibly know the extent of the change required until the source code is opened up and we begin the changes.

    Our programming charges are $600.00 per day. We charge in half day increments. Most projects we’ve completed have taken four or five days to complete, however your project may vary.

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