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Calendars for the Web – Server Version

1. I am currently running an older version - how difficult is it to upgrade?

Version 4.0.2 is very easy to upgrade. The new installer fixes all previous permission and/or IIS issues. Additionally, the two versions run side by side. After copying the old data into the new install the data is automatically upgraded. When you’re ready to commit to the new version simply shut down the old version, copy fresh data and change incoming links. Instructions for doing all this are included in the ‘Getting Started’ page available after the install.

The new version requires you to purchase an upgrade license ($99.95). Without the upgrade license everything works the same except a message appears in the footer of every page asking you to upgrade. This message disappears with the new license.

2. What is included in the upgrade to version 4.0.2?

The layout and presentation of the new version is basically the same as the previous version but more ‘polished’. Additionally we committed to using javascript in this version which improves the interactivity. In version 2.5.1 we used javascript but did not commit making interactivity suffer.

The display is similar but there are many more customizations available in the new version. For example, the database is expanded allowing you many more fields to customize . There are now ten-fifteen user defined fields as opposed to only two or three in the previous version. Additionally there are two different contact information section in the data. There are many other features including 40 additional visual skins, user settings which allows much finer control of end user behaviour, the ability to allow end users to add/edit themselves, user group level permissions, much finer control of email notifications, better submission filtering, much better control of drop down items, the ability to customize the export of the data, the ability to upload files for import, and tons of other stuff.

3. How does your pricing work?

To license either the downloadable server version or the calendar hosted version you must purchase a registration license which costs $149.95. This is a one-time fee. This allows you to run the software behind a single URL.

The registration license includes one calendar license. If you wish to deliver additional calendars you must purchase additional single calendar licenses for $30.00 each. This is also a one-time fee. You may add additional calendars to your license at any time. Every fifth calendar you purchase is free.

You may purchase the optional to do list or contact list components for $99.95 each. This is also a one-time fee. You may deliver a single to do list or contact list from all calendars or a seperate one from each calendar (your choice – same price).

The above licenses include two free technical support incidences per year. The third and subsequent incedences cost $45.00 per incident.

If you choose to use our calendar hosting service there is an additional monthly hosting fee (however the first three months are fre). We accept only annual subscriptions however we do prorate to the start of the next calendar quarter if you decide to leave early. The annual hosting subscription is $179.40 ($14.95 per month). The calendar hosting service includes unlimited technical support.

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4. I would like to add additional calendars to my license. How may I do this?

You may purchase additional single calendars for $30.00 a piece at our online store or you may call or email with an order. Please include all pertinant information.

Please forward a copy of the original registration license, or, if you cannot find it, the name and email address of the original licensee. The licensee’s email address may be found by logging in as a super user and then clicking on Administer | Registration License.

The cost of additional single calendars is the same as it would have been had you purchased the licenses when you first registered.

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5. I recently installed an upgrade. A message has appeared indicating that I must re-register. How should I proceed?

The software keeps track of the date and time of your last registration. Depending on that date certain upgrades may require you to re-register the software. The message will appear if you need to re-register.

You may purchase a re-registration license for a one-time fee of $99.95 at our online store or you may call or email with an order. Please include all pertinant information.

So that we may generate the correct upgraded license we need a copy of your original registration license and/or the name and email of the person who first registered the software. We need this so as to give you the proper number of calendar licenses and optional components.

6. Is the source code for Calendar for the Web available?

The source code for Calendar for the Web is not available.

We do understand however, that some clients may wish to keep a copy of our software source code and downloadables in escrow. We are open to this but only if you agree to make all the arrangements and pay all fees for the service. We will then agree to post our code to the source code escrow account.

Please contact us if you need any further assistance.

7. Do you have any discounts for non-profit organizations, churches or schools?

Yes we do. We provide a 10% discount to all non-profit organizations. Please make sure to ask us about this when you place your order.

Calendars for the Web – Hosted Version

1. May I evaluate the calendar hosting service before I sign up for an account?

Yes you may. Please register for a free 30-day evaluation version.

2. What is the cost of the hosting service?

The initial software and calendar licenses are priced indentically to the download server version. Please see our software prices webpage for more information.

Your initial software license includes three months of free calendar hosting (even if you don’t use it). After three months we charge you a hosting fee of $14.95 (in annual installments of $179.40 only). If you quit the year early we refund your payment prorated to the end of the current quarter.

3. Will you remind me when my account comes due for renewal? What will I need to do?


We will contact you about three weeks prior to the date that you account comes up for renewal. If we have your payment information on file we will inform you that we will automatically renew your subscription unless you let us know not to.

When you get this email please pay attention to it – we sometimes include interesting or important information about your account. Also, we may ask you to update your payment information if it is out of date.

In no case will we ever remove or delete an account without having first gotten explicit emailed instructions to do so. So you needn’t worry that you will lose any data.

4. If we use this service it will be mission critical to our business. What sort of uptime will we get from your service?

We’ve been hosting this service for many years and have experienced very few incidences lasting more than an hour where the servers became unavailable. We are notified immediately if something goes wrong with one of our servers and move quickly to correct whatever problem may exist.

The great majority of the problems our clients have experienced accessing their software has to do with the nature of the internet itself. In order to deliver a web page (such as our calendar) 20-30 computers (called routers) must co-operate. If any one of them has a problem the page may not be delivered in a timely manner. The internet is designed re-route the request through a different pathway if one pathway is not working. This re-routing may take ten to fifteen minutes to complete. We estimate that you may experience two or three such incidences per year.

Finally, concerning backing up and protecting your data. We make a full system backup of our servers each night and keep multiple daily copies on file at all times. Depending on the load on a particular server we can recover up to four or five days backups. Having said that – we’ve never had to actually use the backup servers we’ve had in place for many years (knock on wood).

5. I would like to use a different domain name for my calendar. May I do that?

Yes you may. The process is described under the Domain Name Services page.

VRaniML – 3D Graphics Library

1. What is VRaniML? How does one pronounce it?

VRaniML is a VRML 2.0 based 3D graphics library for reading, writing and rendering .wrl files. It implements most of the VRML nodes as well as DEF/USE format, the execution model and PROTOs.

You pronounce the product name: V-R-animal.

2. Is there documentation, tutorials or sample programs to get me started?

Yes indeed. Full documentation is included when you download the SDK.

3. Are all the features of the VRML specification implemented in the SDK?


No. Please see the implementation notes which are available when you download the software.

4. What underlying 3-D rendering system does the library use?

The SDK is written so that it is independent of its underlying operating system and/or 3D graphics rendering system. The current implementation uses OpenGL rendering but adding support for other rendering systems such as Direct 3D would not be that difficult. Subclassing the vrTraverser to implement various rendering systems is fully supported.

5. What operating systems are supported? Does the library work under Linux?

While the system is designed to be cross platform it has been ported only to Windows versions after and including Windows XP and 2003. We would be interested in hearing from anyone that would like to port the software to other platforms.

6. Is the source code for Calendar for the Web available?

The source code for this library is available for $99.95. You may purchase a license here. There are no restrictions on your use of the source code other than that you may not redistribute it in any form other than object code.

7. Who's using the software? For what?

We know of people who have used the SDK for many uses. Among them:

  • A physical modeling library
  • 3D recognition using laser scanning
  • Robot manipulation modeling
  • File import/export
  • Screen savers
  • A game programming college course
  • The Human Motion Editor
  • Programmatic generation of VRML files
  • Medical simulation
  • Electronic commerce
  • Virtual reality
  • Ph.D. Thesis combining radiosity with photorealistic walkthrough
7. May I integrate my own rendering code into the library?

VRaniML is a C++ library. You may extend it as you would any C++ library. Additionally you may purchase the source code for a one-time fee of $99.95 to make any changes you wish.